Episode 6: Sorry About the Echo

Recorded Tuesday, January 23, 2018

This week we share more bad Spectre/Meltdown news, we talk about Apple’s contribution to the Malala Fund, we try to figure out why Facebook is creating units of time, and we ramble about other tech stuff.

Story 1: More Bad Spectre/Meltdown News

Dell Advising All Customers To Not Install Spectre BIOS Updates

Intel halts some chip patches as the fixes cause problems

InSpectre by Gibson Research – “Easily examine and understand any Windows system’s hardware and software capability to prevent Meltdown and Spectre attacks.”

Story 2: Apple Helping Malala Educate More Girls

Apple partners with Malala to support education for girls

About Malala on Wikipedia

Malala Fund

Malala Yousafzai at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Sunday September 3, 2017


Story 3: Facebook Invents a New Unit of Time

Facebook Invented a New Unit of Time

OculusVR/Flicks, A unit of time defined in C++


HomePod: Everything you need to know about Apple’s smart speaker

Alexa and Cortana still don’t work together

We accidentally took a yogurt from Amazon’s new grocery store without paying, but Amazon told us to keep it

Amazon HQ2 Shortlist: Details On The 20 Finalists In $5B Sweepstakes

Alexa Voice Shopping

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