Episode 11: Your Mem Crashed Into My Cisco

This week, the failure to observe best practices rears its ugly head in a Memcrashed DDoS attack and a Cisco vulnerability. We also discuss the Twitter blue check, Android P, exporting Chrome passwords, and WordPress market share.

Story 1: Memcrashed in the Wild

Code for massive ‘Memcrashed’ DDoS attack made public (CyberScoop)

Memcached (Wikipedia)

The Cyberwire Podcast

Story 2: WordPress Runs the World

Usage of content management systems for websites (W3Techs)

30% of all sites now run on WordPress (The Next Web)

WordPress now powers 30% of websites (VentureBeat)

Story 3: Cisco Made a Boo-Boo

Hard-Coded Password in Cisco Software Lets Attackers Take Over Linux Servers (The Hacker News)

Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning Hard-Coded Password Vulnerability (Cisco)

Story 4: Blue Check Please

Twitter plans to expand its ‘verified’ service to anyone (CNET)

Story 5: Those Nutty Android Folks

How to Get Android P on Your Phone Right Now (Lifehacker)

Story 6: Get Your Passwords Out of Chrome

Google is making it easier to download all your Chrome passwords (Engadget)


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