Episode 10: The Black Mirror of Amazon

Recorded Wednesday, February 28, 2018

This week, we discuss the new Samsung Galaxy 9, rumors about the next iPhone, Google taking on Slack, Amazon buying Ring, and our first podcast recommendation. See, no cryptocurrency or Spectre/Meltdown this week.

Women of NASA Lego Set

Story 1: Cell Phone Wars, Episode XI?

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Packs an Upgraded Camera in a Familiar Body (The Verge)

Report: Apple plans three new iPhones for 2018—and they’re all like the iPhone X (Ars Technica)

Story 2: Slack’s New Competitor

Google’s Slack alternative is available starting today (Engadget)

Google Hangouts Chat


Story 3: Amazon Buys Ring

Amazon is buying smart doorbell maker Ring (TechCrunch)

Electric Dreams on Amazon Video – The episode we talk about is Autofac.

Story 4: Podcast (and TV) Recommendation: Lore

The World of Lore

Amazon renews podcast-inspired ‘Lore’ series for a second season (Engadget)

Episode 79: Locked Away (Winchester Mystery House)

Lore on Amazon Video – Episode 1 discusses making sure the dead are dead


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